Friday, March 22, 2013

here comes the big bad wolf

Bianca's back! Story Man got his act together, unlike two of three titular little pigs in this week's first book (spoiler alert). So Bianca's back (again) and Head Start preschool storytime is a go.

1.  Opening:  We Wave Hello Like This [with Bianca]
2.  Song/Activity:  Open Them, Shut Them

3.  STORY: The Three Little Pigs / Paul Galdone
Galdone books two weeks in a row, which is a little risky. Not "in a real way" risky, but more "testing the boundaries of shorter attention spans" risky. But I think it's a good way to gauge where we are, and read some fun stories to boot.
4.  FP: Two Little Red Birds
5.  Stretch: Way Up High In The Apple Tree

6.  STORY: Click, Clack, Moo : Cows That Type / Doreen Cronin
I am a little concerned; I enjoy this book a lot, but have (true confession time) never done it in storytime. So we'll see.
7.  Song: BINGO
8.  FP: Little Turtle

9.  STORY: Press Here / Herve Tullet
I guess this is weirdly a week of pushing boundaries. I want to bring Press Here back, because I know how much the kids enjoy it. But I have reservations. They get super amped up with it, to the point where we lose a little bit of the storytime flow. So we will try again and see how it goes.
10.  Closing: We Wave Goodbye Like This [with Bianca]

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